Our Team

Dr. Alexander

Dr. Alexander holds dual licensure in mental health counseling and naturopathic medicine in Washington state. Dr. Alexander espouses the therapeutic orientation of Carl Rogers, holding all patients in unconditional positive regard and treating them with honesty and sincerity. In office Dr. Alexander treats those living with: anxiety, depression, PTSD and C-PTSD, grief and complex grief, Sensory Processing Disorder, discomfort arising from life transitions and major life decisions, and those living outside of the gender binary. People of all races, religions, political affiliations, ethnicities, and sexual orientations are welcome. Dr. Alexander understands that the deep effort of the therapeutic forum can be challenging and the results are rewarding for the client who does the work. Dr. Alexander considers the whole person when approaching the therapeutic process and uses a combination of narrative and solution focused therapy. The sessions are crafted to help the patient attain the goals they have set out in the first two meetings over twelve total visits. Dr. Alexander is well versed in medication management for those who seek that and can do mental health counseling in conjunction with medication management for individuals who feel that is optimal for their needs.

Dr. Evans

Greetings! I accept patients for anxiety, depression, gender-affirming care, LGBTQIA care, and am kink and poly friendly. Are you looking to work with a medical provider who can help to evaluate and manage anxiety and depression? Adults with anxiety, depression, or gender-dysphoria may struggle with work, relationships, and family. I offer medication management and/or counseling. I come from a wholistic lens often including nutrition (additive), sleep care, joyful movement, and weight-inclusion. From a social justice lens, I focus on Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Mindfulness-Based-CBT, and Strength-Based Therapy. I am honored to compassionately support you through your life transitions, to support your resiliency, and to support you towards the life you really want. I start with a two-session intake including actively gathering information from you, after which a plan is formulated by the 3rd session, based on what seems to be blocking your progress to your goals. A total of 12-sessions is usually needed to get you on the path to reaching your stated goals and longer is an option as needed. I offer telemedicine only. I have 15+ years of experience with supporting mental health via integrative medicine. I have been a naturopathic physician with a mental health specialty and OB/GYN specialty for 14 years, an RN/ARNP/CNM-midwife for 6 years, and a meditation instructor for 5 years. My degrees are from Michigan State University, Bastyr University, and Seattle University. I am a dog momma to a Bernese Mt Dog named Bella and I enjoy regular horse rides. I am an auntie, doula/midwife, and goddess-mother to many beloved children in my life and to a sweet pony named Archie.  On the weekends you can find me in the woods or attending to my indoor gardens.


Megan Gonzales attained a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Doctorate in Naturopathic medicine through Bastyr University and now acts as the practice administrator for the clinic. If you have any questions and contact the clinic via email or phone Megan will be the person on the other end.

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