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Send us a message through the Contact Me tab or by using email or our telephone number. We will reply within the a few days at the latest. If you don’t hear from us, please reach out again as we likely didn’t get your inquiry. Please note that Pain Alternatives Clinic does not take clients seeking assistance with substance use disorder as the clinic model is not set up for ideal support in this area. Thank you for understanding.

Email Admin Specialist to request an appointment

(206) 687-4786 call if needed

We are only able to see clients and patients who are willing to use a video/telehealth platform at this time. I do not do voice only sessions.

We have openings for October 2022! 

Dr. Evans sees patients M/T/Th

Dr. Alex sees patients M-F

LOG IN to Patient Portal and Link to Telehealth Platform

Self Help for Using Telehealth Portal:

How to Join a Telehealth Session as a TherapyPortal User

How To: Review or Sign a Document as a TherapyPortal

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