Billing and Insurance

The off-site biller will verify your insurance coverage before we start to minimize the possibility of surprise bills.

You can, of course, always call your insurance company or login to your insurance company website to check if we are in network for you.

Dr. Evans NPI is 1013172451 and Dr. Alex NPI is 1689796047

You will need this number to verify coverage accurately if you are doing this yourself.

We use an offsite billing company for all insurance billing and statement charges. They are exceptionally kind and competent. Dr. Alex and Dr. Evans do not get involved in billing or insurance issues as it detracts from our mission of providing excellent patient care. Thank you for understanding and working directly with our Administrative Specialist to reach the billers when needed!

*A note on gender identity: I apologize that most of the insurance forms only offer the binary gender choices. I have inquired as to whether we can change that for my practice to include more realistic and affirming gender options and I am told it is a federal and state mandate that the gender selected for insurance lookup and filing for benefits must match what is on the insured’s demographic information for care to be reimbursed.

Please know, this only applies to the insurance company form, and in no way reflects my commitment to you and your gender identity versus assignment at birth.

Thank you,

Dr. Alexander and Dr. Evans

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